About POP Circus

Established in December, 1996, the show is consisted of over 30 internationally renowned performers, POP Circus
(which is the abbreviation for Pursuit of Pleasure) has earned a well deserved reputation for being innovative and
spectacular.The driving force behind POP Circus is of the desire to thrill, amaze and to bring joy to the audience of all ages.
POP Circus does not go stuck to the traditional ideas of what a circus should be like. An intimate atmosphere is created
between the spectator and the performer within the illuminated Big top. Audience participation is also invited, like in the Trampoline show.

Star Attractions

Aerial Ballet (Tissue); a pair of dancers circling with only two ribbons suspended from the circus Big Top display. A
romantic and splendid array of movements of their flexible bodies, leave the spectators in absolute awe.The Chinese Acrobats present incredible, exotic, and unique performances, featuring breathtaking feats of balance, strength, contortion and more. The Comical Clowns; appearing suddenly on stage, bring the audience and artists closer by delivering joy and laughter.
Dog Show; several dogs running around the stage performing tricks one after another. Kids would love this very amusing show.
Flying trapeze; a young group from Australia, perform a thrilling and exiting show. Swinging through the air 12 meters above earth, you will have a breathtaking moment as The Flying Aces travel to and fro in midair.
We hope you will enjoy our show, not only by watching but as being a part of the show.


The Circus will bring back your dreams. The show is unique, exiting, and heart moving.


Part 1 Part 2
Prologue Russian Swing
Opening ~ ( Bungee ) The Clowns
Juggling Illusion
Dog Show Tissue
Quick Change The Clowns
Hand to Hand Hooop Diving
The Clowns Air Cannon
Aerial Hoop Flying Trapeze
Bicycle Finale


  General Admission Group Rate(20~)
Price Advance ticket Sold on the day ticket  
(high school students~)
¥ 2,500 ¥ 2,800 ¥ 2,200
(3~junior high school students)
¥ 1,200 ¥ 1,500 ¥ 900
Royal Box
(max. 4 people)
Plus ¥ 5,000
Pleasure Box
(max. 4 people)
Plus ¥ 4,000
Reserved Seat Plus ¥ 800


We are always welcome for a great performer to join our show. Nothing’s the matter with what you are, where you’re from.If you even have the slightest interest in POP Circus, just contact US by e-mailing the address down below. We are sure that you can make our show more creative, unique, and exiting.